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Armstrong Air Dealer Program

The goal of the First Supply Armstrong Air Dealer Program is to provide a consistent platform for our dealers to use to be competitive in the marketplace while providing opportunities for business development and profitability sales growth for every dealer partner. First Supply uses this program to offer maximum financial value to our most loyal Armstrong Air dealers to help them grow and thrive with their chosen Armstrong Air brand. It also serves as a platform for focusing and maximizing programs and value provided by Armstrong Air. Lastly, and most importantly, the Armstrong Air Dealer Program serves as a way for First Supply to build and maintain long lasting relationships with our Armstrong Air Dealer partners.


- Brand Guidelines [pdf]
- Armstrong Air Logo [png) [eps]
- ArmstrongAir.com

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Mailing Schedule

Q2: July
Q3: October
Q4: November, December and January


The co-op program is run on a calendar year basis meaning that dollars are accrued starting Jan 1 through Dec 31. Co-op dollars earned in a given year must be used for expenses incurred in that year. Unused dollars are forfeit. Claims for the previous year must be submitted by December 15, 2019.

General rules for qualifying co-op

Armstrong Air logo can’t be changed in any way. Click here to view Brand Guidelines. Other than websites, competitive product can’t be included in any advertisements. Expenses for websites featuring multiple HVAC manufacturers are co-opable if Allied products are featured. Appropriate documentation is required for claims approval. Freight/shipping expenses and taxes are never co-opable due to accounting regulations. 

Documentation required: invoices showing the total expense, proof of appropriate Armstrong Air inclusion in the advertisement, etc. For incentive programs, meetings and events, provide attendees, agenda, and expected positive outcome.

The standard Armstrong Air portion is 50% of the total expense less taxes and freight.

See your First Supply salesperson for more information on submitting co-op claims.

Co-op Restrictions – Advertising funds earned based on Armstrong Air residential motor bearing equipment and controls. In order for Dealer spend to be eligible for 2019 advertising dollars, invoice must be dated between 1/1/19 and 12/31/19. No more than 25% of earned co-op (or $200; whichever is higher) may be used on apparel or uniforms invoiced after 10/1/19 and submitted before 10/15/19. 2019 claims needs to be submitted to First Supply by 12/15/19. Account must be in good standing with FIrst Supply to be eligible for reimbursement.