Canadian Fishing Adventure 2018
from First Supply

Program Details

September 12-17, 2018
6 Days & 5 Nights
Eagle Lake Island Lodge
Ontario, Canada
Canadian Customs and Immigration

A passport is required for entrance into Canada. Note: Under Canada's immigration law, if you have committed or been convicted of a crime, you may not be allowed into Canada. This includes both minor and serious crimes, such as: theft, assault, manslaughter, dangerous driving, driving while under the influence of alcohol and possession of drugs or controlled substances. If you were convicted of a crime when you were under the age of 18, you may still be able to enter Canada. Click HERE for more details.

Canadian Outdoor Card

A non-Canadian resident Outdoors Card is a plastic, wallet-sized card issued by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and used for identification and administrative purposes. Click HERE for more information.

Fishing License

Each guest is responsible for purchasing their own Ontario Canada Outdoors Card and Fishing License. Click HERE for more specific details on how to purchase a fishing license and its cost.

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Eagle Lake Island Lodge Tips & FAQs

We are ready and excited for your arrival to the Island. We have been working hard this season on various projects that we are sure you’re going to love! We're thrilled you will be joining us soon and have put together this very helpful flyer to help you prepare.

September Weather Report

Weather reports have been mixed with a cooling and rainy trend. Temperatures ranging from daytime temps of 50s to high 70s down to lows of 40s at night. Weather can range significantly in the fall from day to day in the North and particularly in the fall!

Definitely pack your cooler weather clothing & rain gear! Check the forecasts before you leave too.

Fishing Report

Musky are starting to move and be found on the rocks and deeper water. Bucktails and topwater lures have been the ticket!! Northern, bass and walleye are being found by all of our staff and guests. Walleye have started to move deeper and are being found in 20-30 feet. This means switching up to a crawler harness with night crawlers for bait or even just a jig with a crawler on it. Orange & Chartreuse have been the colour of choice. Northern fishing has been good and continue to bite in the weed beds.

Fishing Gear

We do provide some basic fishing tackle and have a few ‘loaner’ rod/reels but if you want to gear up in advance, the following are some popular set-ups:


6 to 7’ Spinning Rod & Reel with 6-10lb test line. Popular set-ups are spinner rigs, crawler harnesses (gold, silver, chartreuse, orange) with egg sinkers & swivel snaps, or 1/16 to 1/2 oz jigs.

Smallmouth Bass

6 to 7’ Spinning Rod & Reel with 6-10lb test line. Popular set-ups are tube jigs, twisters, spinners, topwaters, cranks, spinnerbaits, and even just a jig and minnow.

Northern Pike

6 to 7’’ Spinning or Casting Rod & Reel with braided 20lb test, inline spinnerbaits (Mepps) spoons (Daredevil, Johnson Silver Minnow & Five of Diamonds) and large cranks (hula popper, Shad Raps etc.). 20 or 30 lb, 12-inch steel or black wire leaders are standard using a barrel swivel snap to protect your lures from their sharp teeth.


8 to 9’ Casting Rod & Reel and 80 to 100lb braided line plus an 80 to 100lb fluorocarbon leader. A large net or cradle is very important. Spinnerbaits, bucktails, topwater, cranks, and rubberbaits are proven lures.

Don’t forget – jaw spreaders, needle nose pliers, extra line, marker buoys, and line cutters (nail clippers or a multi-tool that includes a knife)

Fishing Regulations


Changes for Zone 5 (which includes Eagle Lake)
Limits: Sport license – 2 daily in possession and 4 total
Conservation license – 1 daily in possession and 2 total
Size Restrictions: You cannot keep a Walleye between 18.1” – 22.8” (46-58 cm). You are allowed to keep one Walleye over the slot size of 22.8” as a trophy.

Smallmouth Bass

Sport license – 4 in your possession Conservation license – 2 in your possession
Size Restrictions: Zero limit over 13.8” from January 1-July 1st, from July 1st- Nov. 30th there are no size restrictions.

Northern Pike

Sport license – 4 in possession Conservation license – 2 in possession Size Restrictions: You cannot keep a Northern Pike between 27.6” – 35.4” (70-90 cm). You are allowed to keep one Northern Pike over the slot size of 35.4” as a trophy.


Limits: Sport license – 1 in your possession Conservation license – 0 in your possession
Size Restrictions: There is a minimum trophy size limit of 54” on Muskie on Eagle Lake. We strongly encourage a catch and release policy on all Muskie caught at Eagle Lake.



Border Crossing

Citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States need a driver’s license and birth certificate or form of citizenship (passport) to enter Canada, but you must have a passport in order to re-enter the United States if 18 years or older. Please check with the border services for Canada and the United States to be sure you have current accurate information.

Also important

The driver must have a valid driver's license, vehicle insurance and registration. - If you AND your spouse are traveling with your own children, bring your children's birth certificates. If traveling with your own children without your spouse or if you are traveling with a child other than your own, have their identification and a letter of permission that includes the name and contact information of the parent of the child. - You must declare all of your goods you plan on bringing into Canada at the border. Some of the items you may NOT bring into Canada are: live fishing bait, potatoes, dog food, firewood, radar detectors, mace, stun guns, handguns or restricted weapons such as fully automatic firearms into Canada. [read more]

Customs Border Services Website

Alcohol & Tobacco: Alcohol

Legal age to consume alcohol in Ontario is 19 (this age varies per province). You are allowed to bring, free of duty and taxes, either 1.5 liters of wine, or 1.14 liters (40 oz.) of liquor, or 24 x 355 milliliters (12 oz) cans of bottles of beer or ale. Tobacco - Legal age to buy tobacco in Ontario is 19. You are allowed to bring up to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 grams (7 oz.) of manufactured tobacco and 200 tobacco sticks. Any additional quantities will require you to pay duties and taxes.

Facilities and Services

Wifi is available only in the main lodge. The bar includes a satellite TV, pool table, and shuffleboard. Each cabin comes equipped with bedding, towels, coffee maker, fridge & freezer, basic cutlery & dishes, washroom, and a heating source. The island has laundry facilities and an ice machine. Our staff provide outstanding care!

Tipping the Staff

The staff at Eagle Lake takes great pride in their commitment to customer service. If you enjoyed your stay and the personalized service, please let them know their efforts were appreciated. We suggest a tip amount per guest of 10% of their before-tax bill. This tip will be divided among serving / housekeeping staff, dock staff, and kitchen staff or as you desire.

We also suggest that guides be tipped individually per day per guest as they are not included in the 10% tip amount. In the past tips vary from $25 - $100 a day.

Radar Detection Devices

The possession and use of radar detection products are illegal in various provinces including Ontario.

Driving and Cell Phones

In Ontario while driving a vehicle, drivers can only legally use a cell phone while it’s in hands-free mode or through a blue tooth enabled type of device.


Once you’ve cleared customs, be sure to text Andy Grebe at 920-517-5201 and let him know you’re estimated arrival time so we are prepped for your group. Take the shortest route to International Falls, Minnesota and cross the border into Fort Frances. Take Hwy. 11 east 18 miles to the Manitou Hwy. (502) north. Travel approximately 90 miles to Ojibway Drive, turn left. Continue to Hwy. 594, turn left, continue to the town of Eagle River. At Eagle River turn left at the stop sign, cross Eagle River bridge, turn left on Town Line Road, continue to Evergreen Road to our Landing at 1500 Evergreen Rd.

Key Features

- Best location on world-famous Eagle Lake

- World class lodge and game room

- Dock services with all the bait & gas you can use

- Private/water-front cabins

- Three great meals a day

- All the beer and liquor you can drink

- Upgraded boats – always

- First day guide service is free

Relax. Fish. Enjoy!

See you at the Island Soon!
Andy Grebe www.eaglelakeislandlodge.ca



- Trophy Muskies, Walleyes, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass & lake trout
- A history of 60+ pound muskie
- Less traveling more time fishing
- Guides on staff and easily available
- Pride in communicating where / how to fish: depths, what's working
- Location GPS and Depth finders provided


- 8-acre private island with 3,000 ft. of lakefront footage
- 7 guest cabins overlooking the lake
- New Main Lodge with Brew Pub
- World-class game room
- Exceptional comfortable cabins
- Fully modern cabins with flush toilets and showers
- WiFi in Main Lodge
- Island powered 24/7

How to Get Here

Take the shortest route to International Falls, Minnesota. and cross the border into Fort Frances. Take Hwy. 11 east 18 miles to the Manitou Hwy. (502) north. Travel approximately 90 miles to Ojibway Drive, turn left. Continue to Hwy. 594, turn left, continue to the town of Eagle River. At Eagle River turn left at the stop sign, cross Eagle River bridge, turn left on Town Line Road, continue to Evergreen Road to our Landing at 1500 Evergreen Rd.


Assumption & Acknowledgment of Risk Liability Waiver & Medical Release

Eagle Lake Island Lodge supplies the food, towels, linens, bug spray, bait, boats, gas, fun ... you bring the rest!

Recommended items to bring with you:
- Passport
- Flashlight
- Canadian Outdoor Card
- Valid Non-Canadian Resident Fishing licence Tag
- Rods & reels
- Outerwear appropriate for the weather forecast
- Camera
- Sunglasses
- Tackle box
- Sunscreen
- Clothes
- Cell phone
- Medication
- Rain Gear
- Gloves
- Personal toiletries
- Rubber soled shoes
- Hat to protect from sun
- Thermos
- Spare line