38th Annual Crazylegs Classic
8K Run / 2 Mile Walk

Saturday, April 27, 2019 - Madison, WI

Registration Form for the First Supply & Gerhard’s Team!

Interested in joining us for the Crazylegs Classic?

Please complete the registration form below to attend this year’s event. All participants will receive complimentary race gear including; a 2019 Crazylegs Classic Under Armour T-Shirt AND a First Supply / Gerhard’s “I Heart Bucky” shirt … to be worn on race day, More details on this event can be found at crazylegsclassic.com

Sign-up deadline is March 8th to participate in this event!

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Complimentary shirt from UW Athletics. Fit for all is a standard men's crew neck cut. Select size below
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Complimentary shirt from First Supply / Gerhard's. - Fit for Men is a classic cut crew neck - Fit for Women is a gently contoured cut with rounded neckline