Updated 9/11/18


Danube River Cruise - Travel Info

As time draws closer to your Danube River Cruise you may have many questions about life on board and various aspects of the cruise. We will address some of those questions on this info page. Let this page be a resource for you to view any new information on your trip, along with the Travelogues you will receive in your email.

Life on Board


The key to packing for this cruise is comfort! The most important thing is comfortable walking shoes, as you will be doing quite a bit of this. Make sure your shoes are well broken in to avoid blisters and sore feet with brand new shoes! The dress code on board the ship is very casual especially when you are off touring. Please pack what you are comfortable in and keep in mind you’ll need a jacket as the temperature will be in the 60’s most of the time. Plan on bringing a windbreaker jacket or something with a lining as it will get cool on the top deck especially later in the day. We even suggest a pair of gloves should you be up on top deck in the evening as it will be cool as the sun goes down. Depending on the type of tour you choose you may be outside the whole time and so therefore dress appropriately for that tour. For dress at dinner it is not fancy however dress slacks and a collared shirt are appropriate for men in the evening. Dresses or skirts are NOT necessary for women but if you are comfortable wearing them and would prefer that you are certainly welcome to do so. Otherwise a nice pair of slacks and blouse work perfectly.


The official currency on board the ship is the Euro. You will have an on board account that you can charge gift shop purchases, spa treatments, or bar charges to and that final bill will come to you in Euros. You may pay that off at the end of the cruise with a credit card or with cash (Euros). We do suggest that you arrive in Budapest with some Euros in your pocket to make the first few days easier. You can either get Euros from most local banks before leaving home or you can exchange money at the international airports when leaving the US or upon arrival in Europe. The ships do NOT have ATMs on board them but you will find them in various places in all of the ports of call. The ship can exchange US dollars for Euros for you on board in limited amounts. Please be aware the ship does NOT accept traveler’s checks, nor do they accept pre-paid charge cards.

Tipping & Gratuities

As part of your package, your onboard ship gratuities are already covered however; you may wish to individually tip various crew members at the end of the cruise for any exceptional service. Gratuities are NOT included however for your individual day tours. It is customary to tip your local guide and motorcoach driver at the rate of 1-2 Euros per person per guide/driver per tour. Again if you felt the guide went out of the way for you or really went above and beyond then feel free to tip additionally. Those tips you would give to your driver/guide at the conclusion of each tour (in cash).


Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted anywhere inside of the ship; only at the rear of the Sun Deck will you find a small smoking area. Please adhere to this policy.

Stateroom Information

Your stateroom is equipped with individual climate control units for comfort. For safety reasons the use of travel irons are prohibited on board the ship however clothes may be pressed for you for an additional fee. Each stateroom will have a telephone that can be used to call the front desk or other staterooms. Calls also may be made from ship to shore but you will find this to be very expensive. All charges for these type of calls will be billed to your onboard ship account. Your bathroom is equipped with a hair dryer and spa-quality toiletries including soap, body wash, shampoo & conditioner and body lotion. There is a safe in each stateroom for your personal use. It should be large enough to hold a small laptop or tablet along with other items. Larger items can be stored in the ship’s main safe at the reception desk if yours does not fit. The electricity/current on board is 220v with . You will need a European Adapter and/or converter for any electrical appliances you bring with you. Stateroom bathrooms are equipped with electric shaver outlets and it would be wise to bring along a multi-port USB charger for use in the stateroom. High-speed Internet is provided on board the ship with free Wi-Fi service. Each stateroom with have an on-demand entertainment system with movies, travel videos, English language news, sports, satellite TV and music channels. Personal Audio “Quietvox Devices” are located in your staterooms. Bring this with you on all of your shore excursions as this is your listening device to hear your guide speak to you. You will receive a Daily Cruiser Newsletter each day in your stateroom. This will be your guide to the activities of the day including times and descriptions. It is good to bring this with you daily as it also has your cruise manager’s name and number along with the ship telephone numbers should you become lost.

Phones in Europe

Yes, your cell phone will work in Europe if you have an international package with your cell phone provider. Please check with them before departing. Many carriers may allow you to temporarily add an international package but all carriers are different. Please check with yours well in advance if you wish to try and use your phone while in Europe. Please keep in mind that roaming charges would apply.

Facilities on Board

You will find a small fitness center on board as well as a beauty salon/spa. Reservations are required for spa or beauty treatments and you will make them with the front desk. Any charges associated with that will be put on your onboard account. There is a laundry service on board and you’ll find a fee schedule in your stateroom. The ship does have a gift shop on board with sells accessories, souvenirs, gifts and a limited selection of personal and toiletry items. There is also a small pool and whirlpool on the Sun Deck that will be open weather permitting.


All meals are included on board the ship and are served in the main dining room. Dining times vary daily based on the port you are in so please refer to your Daily Cruiser Newsletter for exact times. There is no assigned seating you may seat where you wish and with whom you wish. For breakfast and lunch you may choose from menu service or buffet and dinner is menu service only. You’ll enjoy unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks during lunch and dinner and may have sparkling wine during breakfast service. In the lounge you will find daily snacks at “tea time” as well as late night snacks to enjoy. There is a full bar in the lounge an you may enjoy an alcoholic beverage whenever they are open. The charges are reasonable and will go towards your on ship account. You’ll have complimentary cocktails during the captains cocktail hours and so please refer to your newsletter for timing.

Crew Talks and Shore Excursion Info

You will find daily crew talks in the lounge regarding your upcoming shore excursions and the destinations in general. Although not mandatory, it is a great gathering point and you’ll find there is great information provided.

For more information about life on board please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and the Prepare for your Cruise section on the “My Cruise” portion on amawaterways.com. You will also be receiving a full document packet from AMA Waterways that will include answers to these questions and more and guides books of your destination to take with you.