First Supply Company Guidelines

The purpose of this page is to ensure the consistent application of the First Supply identity elements.
Please use as a guide when producing any company materials.

Company Name

First Supply

First Supply is the communicative name for the company.

First Supply LLC

First Supply LLC is the legal name for the company. This name will be used on all legal documents, forms and stationery items. The legal name will be listed as shown, WITHOUT any comma separation.

Company Logos


The First Supply Logotype is based on a typeface and has been modified to identify the First Supply company. The Registered Trademark symbol ® must be shown with the Logotype. The Logotype can be used alone or with the Market Segments listing [see below].

- First Supply® logo (Reg. No. 5,672,936) - Feb 12, 2019
- First used in commerce: 1/1/05

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Logotype Plus

The logotype may be used with the five Market Segments listed under the mark: HVAC, Plumbing, Waterworks, Industrial PVF and Well & Septic.

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Company Colors

Red, Black and White

There are three main colors in the First Supply identity system: Red, Black and White. The First Supply Logotype should be used in either Red or Black. When limited to one color, these elements should appear in Black unless an individual color is the standard throughout the printed piece. White is an alternative color for the Logotype,

- Red: Pantone 185 / RGB: 234, 0, 41 / Web: #EA0029
- Black: 100% K


Varying shades of Gray may be used to show contrast in type, objects, lines, backgrounds or other graphic elements.

- Gray: 80%, 60%, 40% of Black or other percentages per design

Red: Pantone 185

Red: Pantone 185

Gray: 80%, 60%, 40%

Gray: 80%, 60%, 40%

Black: 100% K

Black: 100% K

Company Fonts

Helvetica Neue

The Helvetica Neue font family is made up of 51 fonts, which includes 9 weights in 3 widths (normal, condensed, extended widths and an outline font based on Helvetica 75 Bold].

- Helvetica Neue is the preferred font for all communications.

Arial & Franklin Gothic Book [alternative]

- The alternative fonts are Arial and Franklin Gothic Book, should Helvetica Neue not be available to the user.

Kitchen and Bath Stores


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